Thursday, December 01, 2005

2nd Worcester Special Election - More Candidates

From the Sentinel & Enterprise:

Ashby Selectman Michael McCallum is the latest candidate to file papers and enter the race for the vacant 2nd Worcester District House seat. McCallum, a democrat from Ashby joins Robert Rice and Michael Ellis, both from Gardner, in the race for the Democratic nomination. The sole Republican candidate is Jonathan Dennehy of Ashburnham. The deadline to file nomination papers was yesterday, November 30th.

Taking a tip from the all-knowing sco at .08, I moseyed over the Office of Campaign and Political Finance to check out the newly organized campaign committees. I didn't see McCallum on the list but there is someone named Dennis J. Venuto who has formed a committee for the 2nd Worcester seat. It is not indicated on the website if Venuto is a Democrat or a Republican. Unenrolled, perhaps? Do they just leave the field blank if you're running as an independent or unenrolled candidate?

Of the three democratic candidates running in this primary race McCallum will face the biggest challenge. Being a selectman from Ashby is not exactly a high-profile office. In fact, Ashby does not even have an active Democratic Town Committee, although they do have a Chair listed on the MDP Chairs page, I know they aren't active because my DTC has been trying to involve Ashby with our DTC events and we've been told that they are not active at this time. Even with the support of an active DTC McCallum will have a hard time competing with the candidates from Gardner.