Sunday, February 05, 2006

2nd Worcester - Kerry Healey Shakes Her Money Maker

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey made an appearance in Gardner this Saturday to stump for Ashburnham Selectman, and Republican St. Rep. candidate Jonathan Dennehy.

Healey made with the usual Republican mantra: blah, blah, blah, democrats suck, taxes bad, services good.

"That's the direction we need to be going, lower taxes, not higher taxes," said Healey, pumping her fist in the air amidst cheering Dennehy supporters.

Healey also said in a brief interview before the 65-person rally that she supported improvements to the speed and schedule of the Fitchburg commuter rail line.

"From a preliminary investigation, we're looking at more service in the Fitchburg area," Healey said.

Hey, that sounds good! Let's get right on it. Oh, wait...

Healey said it was too early to get into many specifics about when those improvements might be made as the state is still in the midst of a public consultation period.

Looking... Yeah, that pretty much sums up the Romney/Healey adminstration. Just looking. To support upgrading the rail system in Central Mass. isn't exactly a courageous stance. What would really show some courage is if this administration would get off their asses and actually do something about it. (this is me, not holding my breath)

The special election is this Tuesday.