Monday, December 26, 2005

Blogger Karma

Okay, now this is weird. Part of my (hopefully!) daily routine is to read the local papers to catch up with what's going on here in my town, and in the area. I've been pretty busy the last few days with the holidays (a belated happy holidays to one and all!) So today I was catching up on my reading and noticed that the Sentinel & Enterprise has an interesting article on blogging. They link to some new blogs that I had not heard of and then as I continue reading I get to this part:

After reading in the Sentinel & Enterprise on Tuesday that Goguen was thinking of retiring from his longtime job as a state lawmaker, a person with the online name "Mariposa" posted the news to their blog.

Uh, hey... that's me, and they even plugged my blog by name, but not by URL. Bummer. Oh well, it's just nice to be noticed, eh? There's also a shout-out to Marry in Massachusetts too - Go, Massmarrier, go!

The whole article is pretty interesting and makes the point that bloggers are talking about news and issues that aren't always covered with much depth in newspapers. I didn't start blogging because I'm such a great writer. It had more to do with the fact that there wasn't much news coverage, or blogs in central MA for that matter, that talked about issues that are important to me.

So if you landed here because of what you've read in the Sentinel & Enterprise, welcome.

Check out the excellent blogs on my kickass blogroll, and if you want to learn more about blogging check out Blogger or WordPress or just google "blog" and you'll get plenty info.