Thursday, March 23, 2006

Romney: Could you just GO already.

Adam Reilly at Talking Politics hightlights Deval Patrick's op-ed piece in today's Providence Journal (subscription required, but Adam's got the full text)

It seems Republican "Field Marshall" Grover Norquist, yes that Grover Norquist of the "shrinking government down and drowning it in a bathtub" fame, is advising gubernatorial hobbyist, Mitt Romney (R-Fantasy Land) on health care policy.


Is there no end to the backs of Republican trousers that Mitt Romney is willing to apply his lips? Look, Mitt we all get it. You're done being Governor of Massachusetts and believe me, we are all more than done with you, but could you please just spend the rest of your lackluster term out of state humping the legs of Republican donors and their groupies and just leave the policy stuff to the folks who plan to still be living here after November 7. Thanks.

Deval Patrick
breaks it down to the essentials:

Our system is broken; we must fix it. We all have a stake in that. And when we all have a stake in something, government leadership has a role to play. But that is not how Norquist sees it. The sad fact is that Norquist's vision of government is precisely what was on display in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina: thousands of vulnerable people, abandoned on rooftops, who had in fact been abandoned before that storm.

Health is a public good. Start from that simple truth, Governor Romney, and you will see why it is so important for Massachusetts that you show my old classmate Grover Norquist the door.

And Mitt, when you show Norquist that door, don't let it smack you on the rear on YOUR way out.