Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Time For a Quickie

It's been pretty busy here in Beyond 495 land. We LeftyBlogger types have something exciting in the works. I'm not at liberty to give details just yet, so you'll just have to be satisfied with that tidbit for now.

So what else is happening? Well, for those of you keeping track -- I ran for Chair of my Democratic Town Committee here in Townsend, and I'm pleased to say that I was duly elected. Our town committee has a very dedicated group of folks. We have a lot of work to do here in 1st Middlesex and I think we'll be able to accomplish a lot here in town, and also within our district.

I have more opinions than time recently, so I haven't been able to properly blog some of the more interesting events. I'm going to do a quick lightning round:

Adios, Tom Delay. If you have the stomach for it, watch Chris Matthews of Hardball polish Delay's shoes. Hat-tip to AMERICAblog and Huffington Post

John McCain, former conductor of the Straight Talk Express has gone off the rails. I was talking to a fellow Democrat recently about McCain, and I continue to be surprised by the goodwill that some Dems have for him. I used to respect him, until he was willing to put up with Bush slandering his family, during the 2000 election, and THEN turn around and kiss up to ole Bushie. Since then he's voted for the Torture Memo Guy. I should warn you that the link goes to Rude Pundit - who gives McCain no quarter. It's sad to see what some candidates will do to win.

Jarrett Barrios drops out of Middlesex DA race. Blue Mass. Group has a good thread about this topic. Jarrett ran a good race, and brought up some very important issues with the emphasis on prevention, treatment and diversion for certain offenders and also stopping gang violence. We need to keep talking about these issues and I hope to see Gerry Leone continue this conversation.

I should be am working on my final project for school, so my posts may be a bit spotty for the next little bit. Thanks for your patience.