Wednesday, April 26, 2006

15% Doesn't Seem Like Much, Unless You Don't Think You Have It?

Being a delegate (I'm an add-on) to the Democratic State Convention is like being the cutest girl in the school. I get lots of mail of the campaign literature variety and loads of phone calls. Heck, Deval Patrick even called to remind me to send my payment to Mass Dems. Thanks, Deval, I appreciate the reminder.

Today I got a call from Tom Reilly's campaign. The very nice campaign volunteer congratulated me on being selected as an add-on delegate and asked me who I was supporting. I thought I showed a tremendous amount of self-restraint by actually waiting until she finished her question before blurting out... Deval Patrick! She gave me a very polite, "Oh. Okay. Thank You." I was tempted to ask her how the campaign was doing on add-on pick ups... but I didn't. From the tone of her voice, I got a pretty good sense how things are going.

Speaking of phone calls, and honestly in a non-election year, I get maybe 2 phone calls a week. Yesterday, I got a polling call asking me if the convention were held today who would I vote for? I've gotten those calls before, but this day they added a question about which LG candidate I'm supporting. I haven't gotten that one before.

From what I understand, Chris Gabrieli will need to get something on the order of 16 to 17 delegates from each senate district in order to get his 15%. I don't know where he's getting those in my senate district. Everyone seems very locked in to their commitments.

I'm glad I'm going to the convention because I think I'd burst from stress of wanting to know what's going on!